Tea & Talk - West Croydon 

Would you like to meet people of different ages in your neighbourhood?

Tea and Talk is an exciting initiative aimed at enabling people of all ages to meet and chat informally at a local café in the suburb of West Croydon. 

When: Every Thursday between 9.30am and 11.00am

Where: Joy of Flora Café, 10 Rosetta St, West Croydon (100% plant based cafe). 

Look for the Tea & Talk sign and our friendly Uniity team members will be there to welcome you. This is a free activity. You are invited to purchase a drink and/or food of your choice from the café menu.

Shop & Talk - Frewville 

Shopping can sometimes be a solitary activity. Shop & Talk at Frewville Foodland provides shoppers with the chance to change this by offering friendly conversation and companionship. Shop & Talk is hosted in the glamours Mr Nick’s Kitchen and Coffee Bar at the entrance to Foodland. It occurs on the second Wednesday of each month. People of all ages are welcome to drop in anytime between 10.00am and 11.30am. Look for the Uniity sign. Food and drink available for purchase at own expense.  

Find Your Village Morning Tea

We know it can take a village to raise a child. Join us at our friendly morning tea to meet people of different generations who value family-style connections. Children welcome and are encouraged to attend, play & interact. (In partnership with 19 On Green). 


Where: 19 on Green, 19 Green Street, Brompton 

When:  10am-11.30am


First Friday of the month
RSVP – Marigold on 0466 260 098 

Or email: marigold@uniity.com.au