Enriching lives through the power of friendship across generations

Unifying Neighbourhood Intergenerational

Interactions Together with You

Uniity is a friendship program, designed to enrich people's lives and create caring communities.


We want to bring joy and purpose into people's lives and foster connections between older and younger generations, for meaningful friendships. These friendships provide emotional and practical support across all life stages. 


Uniity will increase happiness and help people feel more connected to community. We understand the emotional importance and health benefits of when people feel valued, needed and connected socially.


Uniity host events and activities as the catalyst for people to meet and develop friendships. Our activities are tailored to each specific neighbourhood we go into and we leverage off the unique culture and existing community assets in each neighbourhood. We want to empower community and provide the motivation and inspiration for people to make the most of their neighbourhood and participate in activities that add value to their lives and wellbeing.


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